Brianna and Friends

pexels-photo-635499.jpegI was laying peacefully on the couch, eyes closed, dreaming of how, if I won,  I would distribute the $58 million, available in Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot, between family members. I felt a tickle on my neck which started quickly spreading towards my chest. I looked down to see a hamster starting to scurry through the entrance of my open necked shirt, without permission or a passport. I looked up to see my 12 year old granddaughter Brianna smiling benignly down on me with a mischievous glint in her eye. ” Get that creature off  me ” I demanded, “or I will bake it in a pie and serve it to you for supper”. “You’re an evil and heartless granddad “she replied, “Bubbles just wants to be your friend”. Bubbles is the third love in her life. She retrieved Bubbles from his happy place, placed him in her pocket and stalked out of the room. I returned to my Lottery fantasy. Shall I just divide the money between my children and grandchildren or do I have an obligation to share with my five siblings and nineteen nieces and nephews. My sister Susan had promised to share with me if she ever won so I felt under an obligation to reciprocate. So that would be $58 million divided by 32. No, what about my wife’s siblings and then there’s the in-laws. My brain started to hurt from the higher math and I struggled up from the couch and went into the family room.

In the family room Brianna was teaching Finn ( short for Finnegan) to keep away from the treat she had placed on the floor until he was given permission. She, and he, accomplished this with great success. Finn, a hairy, fluffy, curly tailed, eight month old Norwegian Behund puppy is the second love in her life. Despite repeated warnings from the dog trainer she insists on carrying him around like a child and likes nothing better than to cuddle up to him. I glanced at my watch and told Brianna that it was time to drive to horse back riding lessons. She jumped in the air, ” it’s Pee Wee day ” she exclaimed and ran excitedly to the garage to retrieve her riding gear. Pee Wee is her first love.

We arrived at Old Orchard Farm forty minutes from the start of the lesson so Brianna could retrieve Pee Wee from the field and spend some quality alone time with him. Being early March the grounds and fields were a soggy mess of puddles, mud and horse manure. But that’s why on the eighth day God invented boots. Brianna spent an hour in ecstasy as she guided Pee Wee over the jumps and ran the course,  responding to the instructor’s guidelines. After the lesson she took Pee Wee on a short hack to cool him down and then brushed him down lovingly and gave him a carrot for his just reward. When Brianna wakes up every Monday morning she throws her hands in the air and exclaims ” It’s Pee Wee day to-day “. She feels Monday’s should be a national holiday to celebrate this event. Pee Wee will forever be her first love.





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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

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