The Classroom Circus

This is a prompt by D. Wallace Peach-Myths of the Mirror

The bell rang, and Jeremy exiting his class room seat, bumped into Stella sending her sprawling into Peter, causing triple embarrassment and one hostile glare. Stella, extricating herself from Peter’s embrace, rounded on Jeremy screaming, ” You clumsy elephant, watch where you’re going”. The rest of the class trumpeted their amusement and in that moment Jeremy acquired his new pet name “Clumsy Elephant”.

Jeremy was a big boy, he hated exercise and enjoyed his food. He preferred eating chocolate chip cookies to conversation and was more comfortable with his pet mice than his class mates. He was teased a little, because of his weight, but he never let it bother him. But that changed the day he was given his pet name. Whenever he entered class he was greeted with a trumpeting call and laughter. The first time he just smiled and waved his hand graciously, but over time he became irritated at the immaturity of his class mates and was determined to put a stop to it. So he conferred with his teacher and they came up with a plan.

The next morning, as class attendance was called, there was no affirmative answer from Jeremy. A few of his classmates assumed it was because of the snow falling outside. Soon the morning’s math lesson started and the students settled down to puzzling over arithmetical problems. At the end of the lesson the teacher announced to the class that she had a surprise for them and loudly clapped her hands. The classroom door opened and in walked Jeremy dressed in a circus ringmasters costume, carrying a large object covered with cloth .

Jeremy, entered the classroom, placing the large cloth covered object on top of the teachers desk. He then turned to the class proclaiming in a loud voice ” Ladies and gentleman I am delighted to introduce to you the Clumsy Elephant”, here he made a sweeping bow to his audience, ” and his charismatic mice”. With that he swept away the cloth to reveal a doll house with four little mice scurrying inside. Jeremy proceeded to entertain the students with all kinds of tricks performed by his amazing mice. They chased each other in a circle, did cartwheels on mini trampolines, went up and down on a teeter and totter and rode a tiny skateboard around the house. For the grand finale the mice ran up the stairs to the bedroom, slid gracefully down a slide and repeated this process over and over. The end of the performance was met with a great cheer from the students and Jeremy beamed with delight.

Jeremy gave another great, sweeping bow to his class mates. In doing so, he swept his arms a little too wide and knocked the dolls house from the table, sending it crashing to the floor, with the mice escaping and scurrying all around the classroom. Great hilarity ensued with the boys chasing the mice and some of the more timid girls screaming and jumping on top of their desks. It was quite a while before order was restored and the mice returned safely to the doll house. The whole class was abuzz and gave a tremendous cheer to Jeremy for the mornings entertainment. Jeremy gratefully acknowledged the accolades from his class mates and from that day on was known as ” Jeremy the Magnificent “.

The Weeping Willow

Taking up Reena’s Exploration Challenge #72
by Reena Saxena. Thanks for the mind prompt Reena and for introducing me to Arthur Rackham illustrations.

The Weeping Willow stood twenty feet south of the meandering stream that ran through the middle of Lord Covington’s estate. On a sunny day, in late Spring, the trees awareness was drawn to a squirrel scrambling along its branches and so he failed to notice the arrival of the young girl. She stood in front of the tree, admiring his shape and luxurious foliage, ” My, you are a handsome fellow” she exclaimed. She started climbing, nesting comfortably in his branches, about eight feet from the ground, sighing contentedly she dreamed her dreams.

She would visit the tree everyday and they quickly became old friends. Some days she would dance around the tree, on others she climbed as high as she dared, but mostly she was content to nest in his branches and dream. As she got older she loved to bring her books and sit at the tree’s base and let her imagination carry her to all kinds of adventures. She always sat alone, sheltered from the world, in her little oasis. Content.

As time went by the tree noticed a shift in the girl’s manner. She would often come to him crying and water his leaves with her tears. She would stare wistfully into space, shake her head and the tears would continue to fall. Then she stopped coming.

The cycles of the seasons turned and the Weeping Willow would change from it’s silver tinged catkins in the Spring to its glorious golden hue in the Fall. Years went by and he found his vigour and awareness diminishing. His leaves would bud later in the year and they would fall earlier. He was becoming very weary of life and then, one day, unexpectedly, she was there. Not a girl but a grown woman.

She rushed to the tree and laid her cheek against his trunk, her hands caressed his leaves. ” How I’ve missed you” she said, and once more she climbed to nest in his branches, closed her eyes and felt the trees embrace. The next day she arrived with a sharp knife and cut a branch from the willow tree. She chose a spot further down the bank of the stream and planted the branch into the rich soil. She closed her eyes and said a quick prayer for God to preserve the tree and nourish its growth. The Weeping Willow felt his awareness shift from his dying form to the freshly planted branch and the beginning of renewal. The woman visited daily nurturing the new growth on the branch and protecting it from the woodland creatures. Soon the branch was well established and started to grow quickly. The woman’s visits became less frequent but the tree continued to flourish.

And so the seasons continued to turn, a time for every purpose under heaven.

It was a bright fall day and the Weeping Willow looked his best, clothed in golden radiance. It was on that day she came to visit for the last time. She came aided by a companion who helped her to approach the tree. She smiled and held on to the tree so she wouldn’t fall. She leaned into the tree and smiled, ” My dearest love, you have been with me through all my joys and sorrows and pain, you have never deserted me, but have been my strength to lean upon, I will wait for you in Heaven”.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. Ecclesiastes 3:1.