Responding to Reena Saxena’s Exploration Challenge #99. Write a caption or short piece for this image.

People once present to me with all their charisma and lust for life are now phantoms in my mind. I try to recall some image that captures their life’s essence but come up empty.

My wife says ” Do you remember Richard, that tall, skinny guy, bald head which he covered with that outlandish hat. He had that red bushy beard which grew down to his chest, always cracking jokes. You must remember. “

I recall the name and his allotted space in the gallery of my mind but Richard is just a reflected shadow lacking the colour and vitality of the original. Everything fades with time.

Climate Fundamentalism versus Climate Science

Responding to Reena Saxena’s Exploration Challenge #98. Use the word PERSPECTIVE.

Pay careful attention to the New Catechism of Climate Change. Commit these words to your memory and repeat them daily so we can never forget.

The planet is all. We are nothing.

Humans have no value. We are just leeches sucking the life blood from our planet.

Rise up and strike down the evil climate change deniers.

In twelve years the planet will be overheated and we will be cast into a hell of our own making.

Go forth and spread this message children so that the whole world can repent, be brought into the light and seek redemption from Mother Earth.

Todays lesson is about climate change. Please remember the following points.

Our planet in its annual journey around the sun experiences temperature fluctuations which we know as Summer and Winter. We have made this journey for billions of years and will continue to do so for billions of more years.

Over the course of these billions of years it is only natural for this planet to enter different cycles which causes it to be hotter or colder at different times.

We humans are inventive, creative and adaptable creatures and as our planet gets hotter or colder we will adapt our living conditions to this change of climate.

Just as it is good hygiene to keep your room clean, you should also practice keeping our planet clean.

That’s the end of this simple but important lesson children. Go outside and enjoy all the wonders this planet has to offer.

It is all a matter of perspective. Prince Harry of England recently said that he and his wife will only have two children out of respect for this planet. His perspective.

Meghan Markle having her first child at 38 will not want to have children into her forties. My perspective.